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Thy Name You Can Trust for Your Birds Nest

Racanna specializes in converting bare shell apartments into dream abodes with the help of its in-house expertise, besides quality suppliers and professional interior designers. We are one of the leading interior designing companies in Kolkata offering the best interior designing services to householders and businesses in Kolkata and across India. Be it living room, modular kitchens or bedroom, Racanna bring innovative interior design ideas for all your furnishing requirements, making us one of the best interior designers in Kolkata and across India.


  • Having branches all over India, Racanna is one of the largest spread out corporate interior firms
  • The head office is based in Kolkata and acts as a central unit for all systems, processes and executions
  • Racanna employs over 50 designers and consultants in freelance and permanent positions


  • Planning and designing the layout of your apartment and offices
  • Customizing flooring, ceiling, wall colors, lights and fittings
  • Providing furniture of choice – modular or fitted
  • Equipping pantries & bathroom with modern fittings
  • Procuring and fitting electronic appliances
  • Manufacturing and installation


  • Coordination of the whole project and process
  • Maximum utilization of available space
  • All required facilities like civil, carpentry, plumbing, elect